World Water Day is March 22 – A Well for the People of La Fle Voya 

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World Water Day is an annual event on March 22, declared by the U.N. to celebrate water. It’s a day to bring special attention to this life-giving liquid that is critical to survival, growth and renewal,  and good health on our planet.  It’s a day to make a difference for the members of the global population who suffer from water related issues. For the people of rural Haiti, that is about 50% of the population. It’s a day to prepare for how we manage water in the future, as this year the U.N. is featuring sustainability, which has been an integral part of the philosophy and vision of Haiti Outreach since we began in 1997. Click Here to read more about the U.N.’s World Water Day activities.

Ninety percent of the work of Haiti Outreach has been in the area of clean and available water. We have created nearly 300 clean water wells and basic water systems in rural Haiti affecting about 190,000 people.  We have developed a great model for sustainable success, for 95% of the community managed wells we have created in the last 7 years are still functioning and managed by those communities.

We are asking our friends and supporters to make a donation in honor of World Water Day to create a community managed (for sustainability) clean water well for the 210 people in the community of La Fle Voya, which is in the vicinity of the town of Ouanaminthe, Haiti.

Today, the people of this community must travel 1 1/2 miles one way to a contaminated river to get all their water needs met, and then carry that water back to their homes for their families.  The photo below shows where they get it. Please make a tax deductible donation today for the new, community managed clean water well for the people of La Fle Voya. Just Click Here and designate your donation for World Water Day 2015. Our goal is $15,000. Help us today!

La Fle Voya

Brett’s Fundraising Efforts Continue for a Second Well in Haiti!

Brett Schoppert is an 8th grade student at Breck School in Minneapolis, MN who committed in the Fall of 2014 to raising the $15,000 needed to Adopt-a-Well in Haiti. With extensive efforts by his family and friends, including a major open house fundraising event  hosted by Pablo Vielguth and Dan Aldridge on February 7th, 2015, Brett exceeded his goal for one well. In honor of his Grandpa, who recently passed away, Brett decided to raise funds for a second well! So donations are still coming in for that second well, to which we invite you to contribute. Congratulations and a huge thank you go out to Brett and his family, along with our condolences for the passing of his Grandpa.

Click Here to read all about his intentions. Click Here if you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to this on-going effort for a second community managed well. 

Soon, Haiti Outreach will select two communities that have requested a community well and designate them as Brett’s Wells. Then we will begin the average 3 month training process of a newly formed water management committee for the well’s maintenance and sustainability. The plan is to have these community wells completed this summer, when Brett and his family can attend the inaugurations to see and feel the difference it will make in these communities.

Congratulations to this amazing young man and his family! 

Brett Speaking

Here is Brett speaking to the audience at the Feb. 7th Fundraising Event, which was a huge success.


women at dirty water hole










Haiti Outreach Community Well at La Fontan

Haiti Outreach Community Managed Well











Would You, Your School, Church or Organization Be Interested in Saving Lives?  

Consider Adopting-a-Well in Haiti!

Haiti Outreach has a unique program that should interest many individuals, churches, and schools, along with Rotary Clubs and other civic groups and foundations: The Adopt-a-Well Program!

In this program, an individual or group sponsor would raise the $15,000 needed for a specific community managed well in rural Haiti. Each community has a name, population, and its own story about where and how far people have to go to get contaminated water that they bring home daily for their families to use, just to survive. You could select the community and raise the money;  we would provide the community training to maintain the well and drill it.  And you could even visit it or attend the well inauguration!

Click Here For More Details On How You Can Become A Community Well Sponsor!

Click Here To See A List Of Some Of The Communities Needing A Well Sponsor Today!

55 Community Wells Completed in 2014!

A New Record for Haiti Outreach! Thank you for a GREAT year!

We are pleased to announce a new all-time record of community managed wells created in one year by Haiti Outreach and the volunteer water management committees in 55 rural communities in Haiti!   These are ALL community managed wells in rural Haiti, where local volunteers are elected and formed into a community water management committee, and then trained to create a system that will sustain the well for as many as 20 years. Once trained, the well gets drilled and completed. This also includes sanitation education and 2 years of monthly inspections!


Would you like to give the Gift of Life – clean, sustainably managed water? Help us set a new record for community wells created in 2015.  Just click on the donation button on the right. Make a difference for years to come! Donate in honor of your loved ones, give us the address, and we will send them a special note about your donation in their honor.

Haiti Outreach – Developing Community Clean Water Systems


The community of Door Ten in the commune of St. Raphael held the inauguration for their well on July 30. The community has 152 people in 32 homes, 20 of which have latrines so far. These women are expressing happiness about their new clean water well.






“In just one day, 200 million work hours are logged by women and girls collecting water. The lost productivity is greater than the combined number of hours in a week by employees at Walmart, UPS, McDonald’s, IBM, Target and Kroger.”

Most of us take clean water for granted. It’s hard to imagine our lives without it. But five million Haitians—half the population—face this situation every day!

Celebrating its seventeenth anniversary this year, Haiti Outreach is committed to the vision of Haiti as developed country and devoted to helping rural Haitians have sustainable, community-managed water and sanitation facilities in their communities.

Haiti Outreach is not an ordinary charitable organization. What sets us apart is that we recognize that, for any development work to be sustainable, the solution must come from the people. Community participation and responsibility are integral and required throughout the entire life of any project. Haiti Outreach is dedicated to helping Haiti become a developed nation—building and maintaining community-initiated projects that advance their development.

Learn more about how you can help!