44 Community Wells Completed in 10 Months

On our way to a record 50+ in 2014!

With 4 community wells in the Northeastern Department of  Haiti set to be inaugurated this week, we will have inaugurated 44 since January first of this year! Our goal is to set an all-time record for Haiti Outreach of at least 50 community wells. At the rate we are going, with 2 months left, we hope to get close to 60 before the year ends! These are ALL community managed wells in rural Haiti, where local volunteers are elected and formed into a community water management committee and trained to create a system that will sustain the well for as many as 20 years. Once trained, the well gets drilled and completed. This also includes sanitation education and 2 years of monthly inspections!

Help us make a record! Make a tax deductible donation today, or check out how to adopt a well for which  you and your family and friends can raise the funds. Help us create more of what you see in the photo below!


Give-to-the-Max Day is November 13 and Coming Soon!

Once a year in the middle of November, there is a big push in Minnesota for people to make donations to the charities of their choice. This year that day is Thursday, November 13th. We will have more information on our web site and Facebook as the day approaches. Our goal will be to raise $15,000 for a new community well in rural Haiti, where people are currently walking a mile or more to get contaminated water, just to survive. You can donate at any time between now and this date and it will go towards this effort. Using a credit card on our web site, just select GTMD 2014 when you specify where your donation will go. More to follow!



Check Out The Great Story About Brett’s Well

Brett Schoppert is an 8th grade student at Breck School in Minneapolis, MN and has committed to raising the $15,000 needed to Adopt-a- Well in Haiti! Click Here to read all about it. This story is also a sub-tab on our Adopt-a-Well tab at the top of our web page. Tell your friends. Help Brett reach his goal by donating today!



women at dirty water hole










Haiti Outreach Community Well at La Fontan

Haiti Outreach Community Managed Well












Would You, Your School, Church or Organization Be Interested in Saving Lives?  - - Consider Adopting-a-Well in Haiti!

Haiti Outreach has a new program that should interest many individuals, churches, and schools, along with Rotary Clubs and other civic groups and foundations: The Adopt-a-Well Program!

In this program, an individual or group sponsor would raise the $15,000 needed for a specific community managed well in rural Haiti. Each community has a name, population, and its own story about where and how far people have to go to get contaminated water that they bring home daily for their families to use, just to survive. You could select the community and raise the money;  we would provide the community training to maintain the well and drill it.  And you could even visit it or attend the well inauguration!

Click Here For More Details On How You Can Become A Community Well Sponsor!

Click Here To See A List Of Some Of The Communities Needing A Well Sponsor Today!

Haiti Outreach – Developing Community Clean Water Systems


The community of Door Ten in the commune of St. Raphael held the inauguration for their well on July 30. The community has 152 people in 32 homes, 20 of which have latrines so far. These women are expressing happiness about their new clean water well.






“In just one day, 200 million work hours are logged by women and girls collecting water. The lost productivity is greater than the combined number of hours in a week by employees at Walmart, UPS, McDonald’s, IBM, Target and Kroger.”

Most of us take clean water for granted. It’s hard to imagine our lives without it. But five million Haitians—half the population—face this situation every day!

Celebrating its seventeenth anniversary this year, Haiti Outreach is committed to the vision of Haiti as developed country and devoted to helping rural Haitians have sustainable, community-managed water and sanitation facilities in their communities.

Haiti Outreach is not an ordinary charitable organization. What sets us apart is that we recognize that, for any development work to be sustainable, the solution must come from the people. Community participation and responsibility are integral and required throughout the entire life of any project. Haiti Outreach is dedicated to helping Haiti become a developed nation—building and maintaining community-initiated projects that advance their development.

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