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Meet Dekle     On the northern coast of Haiti, you will find a cluster of 38 homes that make up the community of Dekle. A part of the larger city of Fort Liberte, the 228 people of Dekle do not have access to clean water or proper sanitation facilities. Their nearest water source is a ravine, which is a 20 minute walk from Dekle. They gather water in 5 gallon buckets to carry back home. Although each filled bucket weighs 40lbs, this task is mostly carried out by women and children. With the average family having 5 people, you can imagine how far 5 gallons of water goes, therefore making this walk to the ravine multiple times a day as necessary. Even worse, the water in the ravine is dirty and will likely cause illness.

Dekle also lacks proper sanitation facilites, with only 1 latrine in the entire community.  This means that people must go to the bathroom wherever they see fit. Without proper sanitation facilities, the people of Dekle are at greater risk of disease and infection.


Help us to forever change the lives of the pople in this community! With the funds raised for this community well, our in country Haiti Outreach Animator Team will spend months training a local water management committee to make sure that they are able to maintain the well after it is drilled. They will educate the community on proper sanitation and hygiene, explaining the importance of latrines and how to become an “open defecation free” community. In addition, our team does the drilling and builds a protective concrete block housing around the well. As we want to make sure that Dekle continues to have access to clean water, our team will follow up with the community for 2 years of inspections to make sure the well is being properly maintained.

$15,000 is the challenge – the funds needed to work together with the people of Dekle to gain access to clean water and education on proper sanitation and hygiene for their community.

Join Us in Working Together with the People of Dekle for Greater Access to Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Together we can provide Dekle with community managed clean water for thenext 10 – 20 years!


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2014 was a record breaking year with 55 community managed wells created in one year by Haiti Outreach and the volunteer water management committees in rural communities in Haiti!  And our Haiti Outreach team in Pignon set an even higher goal for 2015  of 70 community managed wells!


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What does it mean to create a community managed wells in rural Haiti?

Haiti Outreach’s program includes:

  • Local volunteers elected and formed into a community water management committee
  • Trainings to create a system that will sustain the well for as many as 20 years
  • Well drilled and completed by out Haiti Outreach team
  • Sanitation and hygiene education
  • 2 years of monthly inspections


Help us meet our 2015 goal for community wells!  

Make a difference for years to come! 

Consider Adopting-a-Well in Haiti!

Haiti Outreach has a unique program that should interest many individuals, churches, and schools, along with Rotary Clubs and other civic groups and foundations: The Adopt-a-Well Program!

In this program, an individual or group sponsor would raise the $15,000 needed for a specific community managed well in rural Haiti. Each community has a name, population, and its own story about where and how far people have to go to get contaminated water that they bring home daily for their families to use, just to survive. You could select the community and raise the money;  we would provide the community training to maintain the well and drill it.  And you could even visit it or attend the well inauguration!

Click Here For How You Can Become A Community Well Sponsor!

Click Here To See Communities Needing A Well Sponsor Today!

 Haiti Outreach – Developing Community Clean Water Systems


The community of Door Ten in the commune of St. Raphael held the inauguration for their well on July 30. The community has 152 people in 32 homes, 20 of which have latrines so far. These women are expressing happiness about their new clean water well.






“In just one day, 200 million work hours are logged by women and girls collecting water. The lost productivity is greater than the combined number of hours in a week by employees at Walmart, UPS, McDonald’s, IBM, Target and Kroger.”

Most of us take clean water for granted. It’s hard to imagine our lives without it. But five million Haitians—half the population—face this situation every day!

Haiti Outreach is committed to the vision of Haiti as developed country and devoted to helping rural Haitians have sustainable, community-managed water and sanitation facilities in their communities.

Haiti Outreach is not an ordinary charitable organization. What sets us apart is that we recognize that, for any development work to be sustainable, the solution must come from the people. Community participation and responsibility are integral and required throughout the entire life of any project. Haiti Outreach is dedicated to helping Haiti become a developed nation—building and maintaining community-initiated projects that advance their development.

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